Why with OVERCROSS? Here is the adventure!


Today count many adventurers around the world to the team of OVERCROSS. We advise and guide our participants with a lot of know-how and experience through the most beautiful time of the year.

Why book with OVERCROSS©?
Until 2020, there were 100000 "tour operators" offering holidays from abroad and in Germany. So why should you book your holiday with OVERCROSS?
OVERCROSS has been registered as a tour operator based in Germany since 2001. This means that all travel contracts you make with us are concluded under German law. This gives you the following advantages over many foreign companies: Insolvency protection: If we or one of our partners should go bankrupt, YOU are covered and get your money back.

  • We know our stuff. We rely on professional knowledge management within the company when advising. Since 1995 we have been travelling around the world, and not from airport to hotel and back. We are professionally positioned above average in the respective destinations.
  • Everything from one source:From transcontinental flight to: Aircraft incl. pilots in the destination, chauffeur with vehicle of your choice, motorbike incl. trainer and support vehicle for desert or jungle tours, off-road or expedition vehicles, travel insurance, health insurance to rangers or film crew or simply holiday modules? We take care of incentives, trainings, bushcraft courses or survival training and your holiday as an agency & organiser from one source.
  • Insured? Sure! As a tour operator in the adventure travel segment, we are insured against insolvency according to § 651k BGB (German Civil Code) and also have a special liability insurance that covers you/your family in case of an event. You can trust us, but you should ALWAYS check it!
  • We are honest. Nothing is worse than the wrong advice with the salesman's goal: "The main thing is commission!" We want you and your fellow travellers to enjoy the holiday. That's why we only let you go on tours that suit you! Even if this means that we would have to recommend you not to take part in any of our tours. We create a detailed participant profile for each participant of one of our motorbike or 4x4 tours in order to be able to decide whether the participant has enough experience. Be honest with us! We are also honest with you.
  • Overseas offices and early warning system:In Asia, Africa, America and Europe we are represented and always know what is happening in the destination. Even in the event of a natural disaster such as a tsunami, we know what is happening where, how and when with a new early warning system.
  • Security at the End of the World:There never will be! Terrorism and environmental disaster are difficult to predict, yet these disasters are often announced in time by five intelligence agencies as well as seismograph stations around the world. Since 2014, the OVERCROSS customer receives an early warning system upon request and order. Since 2015, OVERCROSS expeditions are monitored via satellite from the OVERCROSS base. In the event of an emergency or serious injury, a rescue and recovery service is available worldwide. You will receive more detailed information and information on request and order after booking.
  • From professionals for professionals:Even government institutions film and radio stations such as SWR trusted our expertise in Beriechen film support, diplomatic contacts, driving and climate zone training, etc.... When institutions test us and commission us again and again we believe that we can presume to be "professionals".
  • A safe organisation, almost every small business tries to provide. OVERCROSS is a medium-sized Swabian company with all the strengths and weaknesses of an owner-managed business, which carries out its craft with the knowledge that our QM is superior to the majority of competitors, yet far from the in-house demand for perfection!Plan A is the goal, Plan B is life / the journey to qualification which began at OVERCROSS in 2012 with the restructuring. In 2017, the team began to successively structure the company according to DIN EN ISO 9001.
  • Don't be fooled! Make yourself a picture of the people behind the company you are booking with. And always take a close look at the "super bargains": What do you get for your money? What risks and quality compromises do you have to accept?

Abenteuer-, Geländewagen- und Motorradreisen weltweit.

Abenteuer-, Geländewagen- und Motorradreisen weltweit.
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Travel WITHOUT risk
We are aware that you are uncertain when booking OVERCROSS Expeditions & Tours due to travel restrictions and planning uncertainties. To relieve you of this risk, OVERCROSS has temporarily introduced a booking guarantee for participants for all trips in 2021.

This means for you:
Free rebooking from 2021 to 2022
If you cancel a trip in 2021 or 2022 (for any reason), we will refund the trip price including deposit. Please understand that we have to charge a handling fee of € 66,- for cancellations.