Russia, motorcycle tour through buryatia and lake baikal:
Lake Baikal tour, follow the adventurous paths to the shaman rocks of baikal

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tour description

Our tour starts at the Olchon island in the north-west and follows its way through Irkutsk to the Tunka-valley in the south of the country. We will end our tour in the north by following a path that will guide us around the east-side of lake baikul, towards Ulan-Ude and back to the north.

Because there is no complete and direct route around lake baikal, we are going to follow the nicest paths and visit the most beautiful places.

We are going to start at Irkutsk and have a first stop at the Olchon island, the biggest island in lake Baikal. This is certainly a place worth visiting. First we are going to get familiarised with some of the old shaman traditions and get the chance to see holy places as well as some scenic attractions.The best part will have to be the visit of the castle of Khan-Chute-Baabai.

Right after our stop at Lake Olchon, we will be heading towards the south, towards tunka valley. On this path we are going to cross the mongolian boarder and find ourselfs right before Orlik in the sojan mountains.

Whilst circling the south end of the lake we are going to reach Ulan-Ude. Some of the things and places we are going to experience there is the capital city of Buryatia as well as lumaism, the tibet religion. 

We continue up to the east coast until we reach the "holy nose". On our way we will pass the more or less barbaric barguzin valley which is well-knwon for its lovely mineral springs.

Day 1 ( Arrival at Irkutsk, TKm 0,0; GKm 0,0)

The normal way to get to Irkutsk is to take a flight from moscow, which means that if you start at about 8 pm in moscow you are going to land in Irkutsk at about 8 o´clock in the morning. Because of that long and rather less restful flight, we need to take a short rest  at our accomodation which is located in the city centre.

After we had our breakfast at our accomodation and we got to know each other a little bit better we are going to head towards city centre. There are a lot of intersting places we can visit. One of them definitely is the Karl-Marx-Street, a street which is well known for its art noveaux buildings, and the largest accumulation of timber houses all over Sibiria. You can either stay a little bit longer and get to know the city better or go back to your accomodation.

At the end of the day we are going to meet again and check all our motorcycles. We will also have to check how to store all of our luggage. There will be one more motor cycle store in Irkutsk for a long period of time, so if you need to get some more stuff you have to get it there. 


Day 2 (Irkutsk-Listvjanka-Irkutsk, TKm 140; GKm 140)

After breakfast we will be going for our first little motor cycle trip to Listvjanka. The streets will be good to drive on. There is a big lake in Listvjanka, therefor you will find a lot of sidewalk cafes and souvenir shops in and around the city. We will show you the famous museum of baikal. There you will have the chance to learn a lot about the history, the geology and the nature of lake baikal. Furthermore you will have the opportunity to go for a virtual dive cruise to the bottom of the sea. If the weather is fine, we can also take the ferry to the other side of the lake. There you can still find bits and pieces of the old "Transsib line".

The ones who dont want to take the ferry can go for the ropeway that will take you up to a lift from where you can look all over the lake. In case your really sportif you can also walk up the hill. On our way back we will stop at an open-air-museum called Talzi. There you can have a look at impressive, original timber house architectur. In addition you will see how the aboriginal population used to live as well as old hunting-, and forester lodges.

There will be a small cafe at the open-air-museum where we will have lunch. Afterwards we will make our way back to Irkutsk where we will check our bikes one more time and then have a few more free hours.

Day 3 (Irkutsk-Chugir, TKm 290; GKm 430)

Time to start our big tour. Our first destination is the island Olchon. We will take route R-418 to Bajanday and then take the route to MRS, Most of the streets are good to ride on but there are still some unfixed parts where we have to take the Enduro. 

We can also take the route along the banks of the lake. Here you can get a first impression of what russian side roads really look like, a lot of dirt roads, bits of asphalt and big holes. There are parts inbetween where we will drive on forests road and through a small river. We can only take this path if the weathers fine, If it has been raining days before then the forests road will be to muddy and dangerous to drive on.

When arriving at MRS, we will try to get the first ferry just in time. If not so we have to wait for about half an hour for the next one to come.


When arriving at Olchon there will only be sandtracks to ride on. Riding on sand waves is something you are going to experience a few more times on our trip and surely something where you driving skills and experience is needed. After 40 km  we are going to stop at Chugir,the main capital of Olchon. At Nikitas Guesthosue we will stop for a bite to eat and some tea. The dish we usually get served is Omul, a popular baikal fish. Towards evening we can enjoy the lovely and sunset on the shaman rocks.


Day 4 (Chugir-Olchon North-Chugir, Tkm 100; Gkm 530)

The next morning you will be having breakfast at Nikitas while i will be looking after the entrance approval for the national park we will be heading to. After that we will be riding towards the northern part of Olchon. On our way up, there will be a lot of beautiful natural monuments you can marvel at. The first part of our route will be leading us through a sand track with a lion island, a crocodile island and the baikal face on the other side of the bank. After crossing the national park boarder we will have to ride through forest paths until we reach a part which has a lot of desert similarities. This path is going to be a big challenge for man and machine.

We will be heading through forest and desert parts again but this time its going to be  much more mountainous. We keep left until we reach a big mountain rock and the "three brothers", a bizarre rock face. When reaching the tip of the island we will be having a first look at the outstanding rock formation Chan chute ba bai, which is a very importend place for the buryatian people. Our last part is unnavigable, so we have to walk up to the top. If the weather is fine and the sky is clear we will be able to see the 120 km distant "seal-island" and the "holy nose" on the other side of the bank.

We are going to have a short break here and then make our way back. We are going to pass a "Love-rock" and be heading towards a lovely little valley until we reach the meterological station which i s located directly on the east-coast of Olchon. We are going to drive back through the forest. In the evening we are going to have the best Posi Olchons as a reward for the stressfull tour.


Day 5 (Chugir-Olchon Süd-Churgir, Tkm 120; GKm 650)

If the entrance approval is not going to be there in time we will have to swap day 4 and day 5. Our plan  for day 5 is to have a look at the other side of the bank and the Sara-Nur mud-lake. The path that will get us there is quite easy to ride on. We are going to drive through parts of forest, steppe and bush land. We are also going to pass a little valley with old parts of fishermen houses. When reaching the mud-lake you should definetly have a swim in it because its very good for your joints.  Here we are going to have our lunch and If you like to we can even a little bit further and have a look at the archological place of Olchons, a very old stonehall from an unknown era.

Back at Chugir you can either go and have a bath in the lake, have a second look at the shaman mountain or enjoy the sunset. If its very cold outside we can also go to the russian sauna.

Day 6 (Chugir-Irkutsk, TKm 290; GKm 940)

We leave Chugir and the Olchon Island behind and ride back to Irkutsk. Depending on the weather condition we can either take the forest path or the normal aspahlt street.If we have got enough time we can also go for a sightseeing tour. There are a lot of places we can go and a lot of things we can do in and around Irkutsk. We can have a look at some petrographs, caves  or some beautiful scenery, for example the one at Mis Krestovskij. In the evening we are going to have our dinner at Irkutsk.


Day 7 (Irkutsk - Arshan, TKm 210; GKm 1150)

From Irkutsk we head towards the south. We make our way through the industrial area of Shelechov and follow the path right into the mountains. The streets have only just been renewed in 2014 so we should not have any troubles riding on them. On this particular path we have to drive very carefully because of the trucks that make their way up the serpentines. After we cross the pass, we will have a little snack at a shashlik shop and then make our way down the hill to Baikal. We have to ride in big curves that lay parallel to the transsibirik train and then have a stop at Kultuk.

From Kultuk we take the western path to the Tunkinskaya-Dolina at the sajan-mountains. Right at the entrance of the valley we will experience the beauty and the whole width of the Irkut valley. Irkut is the river that has given the Irkutsk valley its name. We will dirve a little bit on road A-164 and then turn right into the health resort Arschan. Here we can find a lot of mineral springs and beautiful waterfalls. These springs help to reduce health complaints as hearth-, liver-, or stomachcomplaints. There has been a big flood in 2014 which destroyed the health resort a bit, but the infrastructur has been renewed again.

After a nice little walk in the evening and a short sightseeingtrip in the city we are going to have some Posi/Buusi for dinner. Afterwards we will talk about our upcoming trip for the next few days. Our plan is to drive to Orlik but it all depends on the permission we need to get into the boarder area. Normally its not a  problem to get the permission but as a foreigner you never know if any of the laws have changed. If we don´t get the permission we can only ride up to Mondy before the boarder area begins.


Day 8 (Arshan-Arshan, TKm 100; GKm 1250)

Today we are going to go for some long walks. We will walk up the river valley until we reach the arshan water falls. If we like to we can walk even further and enjoy the beautiful view over the valley. In the late afternoon we are going to have a look at the hot springs of Ghemtshuk at the banks of Irkuts. We can also have a shower because theres a big and adventorous 45°C hot, umbrella-like shower . We can have lunch at a nice little cafe with view all over Irkut. Afterwards we can either go for a ride around Irkut or drive back to our accomodation in Arshan directly.


Day 9 (Arshan-Orlik, TKm 250; GKm 1500)

Today we have to get up quite early. You will have the opportunity to ride along an offroad path and have a look at some phenomenal panorama in the sojan mountains. If we get the permission, we will ride up to Mondy. There we are going to have a short break while getting our bikes registered. After that we will turn right towards Orlik. This path is going to take us through a very hilly Irku-valley part. After 20 km we will see river Irkut floating right next to our path. We are going to stop here at a very nice little mongolian restaurant which offers a lot of traditional, delicious food . If you like to you can try some meatsoup (Buchlör), Bussi and also have some mongolian tea. Not far away from the restaurant is a buddhistic temple which is a lovely place to be. From here we are going to have a breath taking view over munko-saridak. At this point we are 3491 metres over sea level. We keep on driving towards the Irkut-Oka watershed. If we have got enough time and the weather is on our side, we can drive to the origin of Irkut.

After crossing the pass we will have to ride about 100 km until we arrive in Orlik, the district capital with around 3000 habitants.


Day 10 (Orlik-Orlik, TKm 100; GKm 1600)

In the oka valley the streets end at about 40 km after Orlik. Today we are going to visit some of the most beautiful and interesting places in Okinsky Rajon. We are going to decide where to go and what to do on day 9. The whole region is geologically very interesting, so there is a lot to see and do. Here as well as at the baikal the ground splits permanently. A very fascinating natural resource is the volcano valley "Chi-Gol". Its about 20 km long and 1800m high. To get there we have to ride through a rockery in the valley of Chombolok. In addition there are a lot of caves with old paintings that we can have a look at. We can reach most of the destination by bike, only some of them by Pedes. But all of them lay within a radius of 50 km, so its going to be a very relaxing day for us.


Day 11 (Orlik-Sljudjanka, TKm 340; GKm 1940)

We are going to take a familiar route back to baikal. Our todays destination is Sljudjanka. Although the route we are going to take is for the most part good to ride on, we still need to leave quite early. If the mountain crossing doesnt take to much time we can still go for a little side trip and ride to the mongolian boarder.  After that we will ride until we reach the Irkutsk boarder in the afternoon and Sljudjanka in the evening. Sljudjanka gets its name from "Sljuda", the glimma occurance you can find in the surrounding mountains. You can also find a lot of minerals in the mountains, so its worth taking a little trip around the mountains when we arrive there in the evening. A special feature in Sljudjanka is the old railway station. It has been build completly out of marble. There is also a baikalmuseum ad a privatly run mineralmuseum we can visit.


Day 12 (Sljudjanka - Ulan-Ude, Tkm 340; GKm 2280)

Today we are going to ride to Ulan Ude. Our track is going to take us for a long ride from moskov to Vladivostok. We will pass some of the transsibirik places like Utulik, Tanchoi, Babushkin and so on. Preferably we are going to take the route until we reach Kabansk because this path is going to lead us to the cloister Posolskoe and take us through the beautiful Selengadelta, where the first ever stone church has been hallowed. We will reach Ulan Ude in th evening. We can go for a sight seeing trip around the city when we reach Ulan Ude in the evening. Its a very pretty city with lots of trick fountains, and of course we are going to have a look at  the leader of the working class with the worlds biggest head. We are also going to have a mongolian dish for dinner tonight. 


Day 13 (Ulan-Ude - Ust-Barguzin, TKm 260; GKm 2540)

For the last time for a few days we can have some cultivated breakfat with coffee. After that we will head to Ust Barguzin. On our way we will pass cities like Turuntaevo and Gremyatchinsk, ride alongside lake kotkel until we reach turka. The last two cities we are going to pass are Goryatchinsk and Maksimicha until we finally reach Ust Barguzin,

We are going to take a short break at lake kotokel and enjoy the beautiful and romantic view onto the lake. Because of its warm water temperature in summer its a very popular fishing sea where you can also take a rest or take a swim. We only have to ride a little bit further until we reach the health resort Goryatchinsk. This resort is well-known for its mineral springs that were all developed in the sowjet time. When you walk through the park you can find different departments in which the guests try to ease their medical condition.

In the evening we are going to stop for a bite to eat at Galina and Sasha Bektov´s place. We can expect some delicious traditional Ust-Barguzin food! After lunch we can use the Banja or talk about the great experience we have made so far at a lovely and cozy fire place.  


Day 14 (Ust-Barguzin - Alla, TKm 260; GKm 2800)

We are going to ride downstream lake barguzin and can either drive on its right or left side. The right path is going to take us through a marsh district, up a hill in a forest and finally stops at a lovely place which will offer you a lovely view over the whole   valley. If we choose to take the left path we are going to ride over a bridge and get to a moguel field after about 10km . After riding up a hill and through a forest path we are going to reach Barguzin. There we have to pass the international airport until we can have a look at  some old penthrograph, hidden under a crevice. Shortly after that we will reach the " sächsische Schloss" just before Suvo. The " sächsische Schloss " is a huge stone formation which looks very similar to an old castle. We are going to walk around a little bit and enjoy the beautiful view we have from top of the "sächsische Schloss" before we head to our next destination. We are going to ride past a holy rock which is well know as the "bull rock", because it looks very similar to a bull. We are going to cricle it three times before we reach Jubilejnij after a few kilometers. Right in front of Jubilejnij and after the waste dump we will find a huge accumulation of Glacial erratics which is called a "stone-garden". The reason why the stones spread right across this place, is still unknown.

Now we are going to take a ride over an old, overgrown sowjet path which will take us across a bridge and over a collective farm. We will reach a bridge over lake Argada. The path we are going to ride on ends right in front of the burned bridge so we cant ride but have to walk over the steel construction. Because of the lakes´s soft sand it is inpossible to drive through by bike. We are going to walk up the buddhist Stupa and get some rest and something to eat. Then we have to ride back a few kilometers until we reach the bridge that crosses Barguzin. We are going to ride until we arrive at the health resort Alla. On this health resort you can find an old and quite hidden foresters house which is used for touristy purposes. You cant expect to find luxury on the other side of the world but you will certainly find some of the most beautiful places of the barguzin valley.  We have to walk about 10 minutes in the 30 meters deep valley to get to a huge collection of hot and cold mineral springs. There is also a small bath lodge. But yo can only stay in there for about 10 to 15 minutes because there is a high percentage of radon in the water which can damage your bones. You can find mineral springs for all kinds of complaints one can have. Besides the health resort you can also find water falls and great view points.

Day 15 (Alla - Barguzintal Nordteil, TKm 150; GKm 2950)

In the next few days we are going to day-trip a lot, starting at Alla without any luggage at all. On one particular trip we have to ride to  the most northern part of the valley until we reach the mineral springs of Ulyunchai. These mineral springs lay in the middle of a marsh district thats why there are a lot of marsh treatements you can enjoy. This place and its healing power are well-known and the queue in front of the marsh lodge is always very long. As in Alla here a lot of mineral springs for all sorts of medical complaints. From Ulyunchai we are going to follow a street for about 20 km until we come to a place where it will be impossible for us to carry on.There used to be a bridge that crossed the baikal river and a 100 km long street that made its way through the taiga. Now this place is a natur protection area and the streets are not used anymore. Only a few meters further, on the barguzin island the last health resort Umchej was built. There used to be only a small, warm lake which was spring-fed by 146 mineral springs. A businessman started to built up bungalows around the lake about five years ago. We are going to have a short break here, enjoy the lovely view onto the lake and the natural protection area and then head back to Alla.

Day 16 (Alla-Barguzintal Ostteil, TKm 150; GKm 3100)

Today we are going to try another route to the lovely city Argada. Short after Alla we have to cross a very adventorous looking bridge that crosses the river barguzin. Then this route will lead us towards sand tracks, through a forest and across a steppe until we reach Maiskij. From here we can take different routes that will all lead us to Argada, but the one destination we really want to visit today is the health resort Garginskij with its very interesting hot springs. Our previous attempts to get to Garginskij failed because of a burned bridge, so now we have to try to cross the river by foot. We are going to have a look around the health resort , and make our way back to Argada.In Argada we are going to cross the bridge Maiskij to reach Alla where we are going to have some Posi for dinner. 

Day 17 (Alla - Ust-Barguzin, TKm 220; GKm 3320)

Today we will follow the river downstream in Ust-Barguzin direction. We are going to pass the holy mountains of Baragchan, which are known as one of the seven holy places of buddhism where heaven and earth are touching. Later on we can have a look at a lovely buddhist temple and a holy site which is know as Yanzhima ( the holy pregnant woman ). If you look closely you can see that one of the rocks looks like a pregnant woman holding her big belly. Yanzhima is a rock which is mostly visited from people with the desire to have a baby. From now on we have to get used to bad street conditions because we have to ride on a mogul piste for a long time. Right before we reach Ust-Barguzin the path will get easier to ride on, say a thanks to the russian roadworks! When we finally get there we can have some lovely tea and something to eat. 

Day 18 (ust-Barguzin - Hl. Nase - Ust-Barguzin, TKm 0; GKm 3320)

Because of the street conditions yesterday, our bikes need a check-up and an air purification. So we are not going for a ride today. Sasha or one of his friends will guide us to the peninsula   "holy nose". If you want to you can climb up the 1877m high peak. We can also take a boat to the thermal springs of "snake bay". We are going to have some lovely dinner at Galinas place and dont forget the fire place and some banja.

Day 19 (Ust-Barguzin - Ulan-Ude, Tkm 260; Gkm 3580)

Today we are going to make our way back to Ulan Ude. We have rode this path before and after the bad street conditions two days ago you are really going to enjoy this easy path. Right after we head into Ulan-Ude we are going to turn right and follow the road to the ethnographical museum. In this area we can see a lot of old timberhouse  architecture. Living in this kind of region must have been so different 150 years ago. In the evening we can have a look around Ulan Ude for one more time and enjoy our dinner in a lovely restaurant, finally in civilization again.

Day 20 (Ulan-Ude - Dazan - Ulan-Ude, TKm 200; GKm 3780)

We have got two more days left to have a look around the Ulan Ude region without any luggage. FIrst we are going to have a look at the clositer Ivolginski Dazan and after that at the Gusinoosero.  This cloister is one of the most popular and beautiful in this region, one lama has been preserved here for about 100 years already. The lama-buddhism can be experienced in quite a few temples here. In Ivolginsk we are going to ride up a little hill to the anticline. We have to walk for about 20 minutes until we reach the tip of hill. Up here we are going to stand right opposite the old cloister and can enjoy the beautiful and breathtaking view over the whole valley. We are going to make our way back and pass the small town Tarbagataj, where the orthodox people live, before we arrive in Ulan-Ude.

Day 21 (Ulan-Ude round trip, TKm 200; GKm 3980)

On our last day we are going to do a round trip, first making our way eastwards up the Uda. The first part of this path will take us through the industrial district and then through Onocho until we reach the brjanka valley. On our way will see a lot of forests and steppe and we can also find some pethrograph if we look closely enough. We can either choose to take paths that are already there or find a way to get back to Tarbagatay.

Day 22

Time to say goodbye! You have to pack all your stuff and all the memories you have made together before the taxi is going to pick you up to bring you to the airport. You are going to have a stop over in moskov and then finally arrive back home.

















Itinerary may change without further notice due to weather-, road- or any other condition that OVERCROSS or its guides feel will jeopardize the safety of the group or material.


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  • permissions
  • breakfast, lunch and dinner
  • guide ( german-, russian- and english speaking)
  • motor cycle (250 Enduro) including all services
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  • cards
  • omul

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