Motorcycletours - Kenya - February 2023

Kenya - Motorcycle tour

Duration: 9 Tour days
Price: $2,492
participants: from 6 to 10
Level: Beginner


Motorcycle tour "Masai Mara" - From the highlands to the beach

14-day round trip on a motorcycle or in the car through Kenya!

Welcome to Kenya! We take you on an adventure through a very fascinating country of Africa. Kenya is a very traditional, yet modern country with breathtaking nature and a friendly, educated population. We will drive along lakes, through mountains, rainforests, savannahs, wildlife parks and cities, all the way to the tropical coast of the country and immerse ourselves in a world we have only known from pictures. 

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Trans-Africa Expedition - Go South!

Duration: 44 Tour days
Price: $9,347
participants: from 7 to 16
Level: for advanced


Go South!

40 YEARS of Ténéré expierence!

One continent, one brand and a handful of adventurers who are going to cover the next 15,000 kilometres!

Egypt, the land of the pharaohs, is the start of the Trans-Africa Tour southwards!
Along the Nile, across the Nubian Sahara, over the confluence of the Blue and White Nile in Sudan, we reach Ethiopia and cross the country of 120 ethnic groups (known for their plate lips etc.), before passing Lake Turkana and Kenya's highest mountain, crossing the equator and going on safari in Tanzania's Ngorongoro Crater.
We have crossed almost all climatic zones of Africa up to Malawi and Zambia, southern Africa with Botswana and the Okavango Basin, as well as Namibia with its deserts, is one of 1001 highlights between madness and adventure of the Trans Africa Motorcycle Expedition.

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Egypt, Sudan, Ethiopia, Kenya - Go South! The Pharaoh Enduro Expedition

Duration: 20 Tour days
Price: $5,023
participants: from 6 to 16
Level: for true adventurers


Go South! The Pharaoh Enduro Expedition

A series of pictures, a bike in nature, must be enough for the diverse 2.0 generation to be horny for the new bike. This or something similar could have been the answer when the Africa Twin was presented!
It then became the legendary "2.0 Tenere 660" before the upgrade 3.0 "Tenere 700 for Trans Africa was launched!
The 3.0 generation shows the old wimps and wrinkled ovaries including all the various political muzzlers the fresh and above all slim middle finger!

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