Motorcycletours - Oman

Dubai and Sultanate of Oman - Motorcycle trip with your own motorbike

Duration: 14 Tour days
Price: $4,760
participants: from 6 to 10
Level: for advanced


Motorcycle trip with your own motorbike

Nowhere else in the world the opposites are closer together. Desert and water, modernity and tradition, plains and rugged gorges, modern buildings and walls from the time of Sindbad the navigator.

This tour is like the local markets, it consists of a mixture of everything the Orient has to offer. If you are open to new things, you are open to strangers, have an open mind and can move your motorcycle from perfect highways over sand and through wadis (more or less dry river courses) and prefer to sleep under 1000 stars rather than in a 5 star hotel, then you are in the right place.

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