Motorcycletours - - December 2022

Kenya - Motorcycle tour

Duration: 9 Tour days
Price: $2,438
participants: from 6 to 10
Level: Beginner


Motorcycle tour "Masai Mara" - From the highlands to the beach

14-day round trip on a motorcycle or in the car through Kenya!

Welcome to Kenya! We take you on an adventure through a very fascinating country of Africa. Kenya is a very traditional, yet modern country with breathtaking nature and a friendly, educated population. We will drive along lakes, through mountains, rainforests, savannahs, wildlife parks and cities, all the way to the tropical coast of the country and immerse ourselves in a world we have only known from pictures. 

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Motorcycle trip through Africa - Trans-Africa Trip / Enduro-Expedition

Duration: 45 Tour days
Price: $11,293
participants: from 6
Level: for true adventurers


Trans-Africa Trip / Enduro-Expedition

Men's dreams like Marlboro Country, Camel Trophy, Paris to Dakar or riding a motorbike across the African continent will never come true for many. For a handful of them there is now the possibility to participate in such a motorcycle expedition. The Trans-African Tour is one of the last challenges, which is an absolute highlight for us as adventure tour operators. Organising this enduro tour is a mega effort... which is more than worthwhile: this Trans-African tour puts everything you have ever experienced as a motorcycle traveller in the shade in terms of driving technique and scenery! The last adventure - one time across Africa - is now possible!

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