Motorcycletours - France - October 2023

Paris to Dakar: Motorcycle-Expedition in the footsteps of the rallye - France, Spain, Morocco, Mauritania, Senegal by motorbike

Duration: 22 Tour days
Price: $6,586
participants: from 6 to 12
Level: for true adventurers


France, Spain, Morocco, Mauritania, Senegal by motorbike

Paris 2 Dakar. The name is, as the saying goes, program. We offer the possibility with the own motorcycle or rental motorcycle to drive from Paris to Dakar carefree. The price includes everything except visas, fuel for your motorcycle and for you. From Paris we drive for 22 days along the legendary rally route to Dakar, Lac Rose. The route we have chosen runs on large sections along the original route. No times will be measured or races driven. Nor are we a bunch of crazy adventurers who allow themselves to be lured into the desert without responsibility and expose themselves to unnecessary dangers. When choosing the route, we paid a lot of attention to safety and the situation on site. The trip should give everyone the opportunity to drive this fantastic route, to enjoy the constantly changing landscapes on and off road and to get to know countries and cultures.

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