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France & Italy


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Off-road 4x4 trip across the Western Alps: 


On this 4x4 off-road trip we have action, adventure and nature at its best, which does not only include the famous LGKS (Ligurian Border Ridge "Road"), but mainly focuses on the historic military supply roads with their individual connecting stages.
OVERCROSS "takes" you on a 4x4 off-road journey through the Western Alps on breathtaking mountain tracks, passes, deep gorges and wild mountain rivers.
We use the off-road vehicle as a means to an end, to travel away from civilisation in harmony with nature through the sensational mountain massif of the Western Alps. By means of a means to an end, we mean that this trip is not for "off-roaders" who want to try out their limitations and winches across the alpine meadows and forests, but rather see and use the off-road vehicle as a "self-sufficient means of travel and enjoyment of off-road travel far away from civilisation! 
We focus on adventure and travelling in a nature that is geographically a highlight and a challenge for the participants.  

Together we will discover unique waterfalls and old forts, which were built between 1880 and 1940 in a spectacularly unimaginable way.
The unique views of the Alps are "unbelievable" in that they are more or less on our "doorstep" and, with the short journey, perfectly situated for a week-long off-road adventure.
Climbing the dream routes of the Western Alps on- and off-road is not for people with a fear of heights, but for outdoor fans it is a great experience and one of the most beautiful off-road adventures in the European Alps.



Itinerary of the off-road vehicle tour across the Western Alps:

Arrival and departure:

The individual arrival and the common meeting point is on the first day of the tour, at a campsite on the border triangle of Switzerland, France and Italy.
After your booking you will receive a tour folder with tour / equipment information and meeting points.
This much in advance:
This Western Alps off-road tour is an off-road vehicle trip for which you do not have to modify your off-road vehicle. In general, the 4x4 off-road vehicles and buses / campers can do more than we can.


Mit dem Land Rover Defender auf Geländewagen Offroad Tour durch die Westalpen

Since 2006, the Zebra (Land Rover Defender) has been leading the off-road tours through the Western Alps


Since 2006, we have been leading participants as a tour operator over the dream off-road routes of the French and Italian Western Alps! It is simply the off-road highlight in Europe where we have not only had Defender and Discovery on tour, but also Land Cruiser, Jeep Wrangler.... etc. See the list of off-road vehicles below!
The brand of the vehicle is not relevant for us, as already mentioned the off-road vehicle is a means of enjoyment for the purpose of experiencing out door journeys like these, for which mass tourism has no "access".
We climb off the road the old military forts from the last century, the military supply routes lead over high alpine passes with partly over 2000 metres altitude!  On our Western Alps passage we pass sections with gorges up to 500 metres deep, you cool down the sweat of fear an hour later on the snow-covered summit and enjoy the fenumenal view over nature and fauna another hour later at about 1000 metres altitude.
The conclusion of the first two days of the tour is that the Western Alps Tour is an hourly travel highlight for the participants, with fantastic views and initially soft adrenaline kicks on the sometimes demanding off-road passages


Geländewagenreise durch die traumhafte Bergwelt der Westalpen

Off-road vehicle trip through the beautiful landscape of the Western Alps with isolated mountain villages in Italy and France.

The Assietta ridge road, Lago Nero, Maira-Stura, Col du Parpaillon, Briancon are just some of the well-known highlights of the off-road tours through the Western Alps.
On this 4x4 off-road trip we have planned action, adventure and pure nature, we mostly organise interactive tour sequences for individualists on our trips, guys like you who are up for adventure. Regardless of whether you want to march across the highest accessible suspension bridge in the Alps or whether you are interested in 4x4 technology or off-road driving techniques. Our tour guides adapt individually to the group dynamics of the adventure trip to give you a travel experience-differentiating attribute to take with you on your journey through life. If you were inspired by our philosophy, we hope to have infected you and you will join us again on your next trip to Africa or Asia.
Initial tarmac quickly turns to gravel and scree which will put a dusty smile on every participant's lips. Every day something new - constantly changing conditions will exhaust the body while delighting the mind.
Lonely valleys, more challenging sections, endless mountain passes with fantastic views add the spice to the Western Alps Tour.
The high alpine ridge roads, on which we will partly travel, are lined with old forts, built between 1880 and 1940. These mighty witnesses of time, such as Fort Central, the fortress near Cueno in the Piermont, situated at 1908 metres above sea level, are very impressive from the point of view of the construction possibilities around the year 1881. 


Alpen Offroad Reise mit dem eigenen Geländewagen

Alps off-road trip with your own off-road vehicle


These off-road vehicles have been on the Western Alps trip since 2006:

  1. Land Rover: With the model Defender 130cc - 110- 90 as well as 109 and 88
  2. Toyota: With the models Land Cruser 60 - 70 80 and 100 as well as Bj 42
  3. Jeep: With the models Wrangler - Cherokee - Cj7 and Scambler
  4. Lada: NIVA
  5. Suzuki: With the models Jimmy Samuari 410 and 413
  6. Mercedes G
  7. Land Rover: with the models Discoveri 1 -2 and 3
  8. Range Rover Evoge
  9. Nissan: with the models Gr of the 4th and 5th generation
  10. VW: with the models T5 - Amarok and Touareg 
  11. Porsche: Cayenne

You can find our 4x4 rental vehicles HERE!




Geländewagen Offroadtour durch die Westalpen​

Off-road vehicle tour through the Western Alps