South Africa Motorcycle Tour:
Offroad/ Onroad Lodge Tour

$2,176 15 days from 6 to 12 participants Beginner

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                            Mit der BMW GS1200 durch Südafrika. Offroad und Onroad Tour, Motorradtouren mit Overcross



Day 1

Welcome to South Africa and specifically Egoli, city of Gold.
Depending on your arrival time, we may take delivery of the bikes today; otherwise details will be completed tomorrow morning.

Accommodation: Lodge in Cradle of Humankind World Heritage Site
                            Bed & Breakfast

Day 2
Today has various riding opportunities with the options of visiting some of the following points of interest - Soweto tour, Apartheid Museum and Freedom Park.

Accommodation: Lodge in Cradle of Humankind World Heritage Site
                            Bed & Breakfast

Distance: 0km

Day 3

We leave Johannesburg and head east towards the Mpumalanga province of South Africa.
We travel along scenic, winding roads made specifically for motorcycle riders to our lodge near the world famous Kruger National Park.

The scenery and riding is spectacular.                                

Accommodation: Hotel, Dinner, Bed & Breakfast   

Distance: 601km

Day 4:

Kruger Park Safari – half or full day, Elephant Sanctuary visit or a Canopy Zip line tour in the forest are some of the activities waiting for you today!

Accommodation: Hotel, Dinner, Bed & Breakfast

Distance: 0km


Mit der BMW GS1200 durch Südafrika. Offroad und Onroad Tour, Motorradtouren mit Overcross



Day 5

Today we spend some more time in this area with winding, scenic roads in the Lowveld area.

We spend the night at a resort with Hot Water Springs.

Accommodation: Hotel, Bed & Breakfast

Distance: 273km

Day 6:

We say goodbye to Mpumalanga and travel through the northern part of Kwa-Zulu Natal. The scenery changes constantly and we ride through beautiful Bushveld and Sugar cane plantations on our way to our next two day stop in Durban.

Durban is one of South Africa’s important holiday destinations situauted on the warm Indian Ocean.

Accommodation: Hotel, Bed & Breakfast.

Distance: 617km

Day 7:

Your day in Durban can be spent at Ushaka Marine World or you can visit a traditional Zulu Village.

Accommodation: Hotel, Bed & Breakfast

Distance: 0km

Mit der BMW GS1200 durch Südafrika. Offroad und Onroad Tour, Motorradtouren mit Overcross



Day 8:

Our ride today takes us through the dramatically beautiful Wild Coast and into the Eastern Cape Province.

Here you will encounter cows, goats and donkeys along the way and a lot more traditional housing.

We spend tonight at a beautiful spot on the banks of the river.

Accommodation: Guest Lodge, Bed & Breakfast.

Distance: 360km

Day 9:                           

We continue riding through the Eastern Cape, the area that was home to Madiba.

Here it will seem as if time has stood still. Cattle and donkeys graze on the roadside and the hills are dotted with Xhosa villages but you have a well-tarred road to ride on.

We have a long day and will spend tonight in East London, a port town on the Indian Ocean.

Accommodation: Hotel, Bed & Breakfast

Distance: 311km

Day 10:

Our travels today take us along some more fantastic motorcycling  roads, through one of the most historic towns in the Eastern Cape and through the area where the 1820 British Settlers landed on South African soil.

Our hotel tonight is in the heart of the lush Tsitsikama forests.

Accommodation: Hotel, Bed & Breakfast

Distance: 473km

Day 11
We travel along the beautiful Garden Route of South Africa, passing through well-positioned coastal towns, enjoying fresh sea-food for lunch.
We end our day’s riding in Oudtshoorn, in the arid Karoo area, at the foot of the majestic Swartberg Mountains.
Oudtshoorn is the Ostrich capital of South Africa.

Accommodation: Country Manor, Bed & Breakfast

Distance: 258km

Day 12
The iconic Route 62 will take us through the Small Karoo.

The countryside then changes to rolling hills of wheat as we travel through the Overberg area.

We end today at the southernmost point of South Africa and the African continent, Agulhas.

You must have a photo taken with your motorcycle at this point where the Indian and Atlantic Ocean meet!

Accommodation: Guest Lodge, Bed & Breakfast
Distance: 371km

Mit der BMW GS1200 durch Südafrika. Offroad und Onroad Tour, Motorradtouren mit Overcross



Day 13:

We leave Agulhas, travel through the whale-watching capital of South Africa and then on some of the best motorcycling roads ever built.

We follow the dramatic coastline all along to Cape Point National Park, along Chapman’s Peak , through Hout Bay and into Cape Town. The scenery has gorgeous views of the sea and splendid mountains at all times.

Accommodation: Hotel, Bed & Breakfast

Distance: 389km

Mit der BMW GS1200 durch Südafrika. Offroad und Onroad Tour, Motorradtouren mit Overcross


Day 14:

Take a Red Bus Tour of this beautiful city, ride through the Winelands or do some shopping at Victoria & Alfred Waterfront.


Itinerary may change without further notice due to weather-, road- or any other condition that OVERCROSS or its guides feel will jeopardize the safety of the group or material.


What benefits can you expect?

Included in Tour price

  • Qualified guide
  • Back-up vehicle with luggage carrying facilities
  • BMW 1200GS
  • Breakfast daily
  • Shared accommodation
  • Selected dinners
  • Big 5 Kruger Park Safari


Excluded in Tour price


  • Airfare
  • Fuel
  • Toll fees
  • Meals not specified
  • Beverages
  • Visa requirements
  • Motorcycle riding gear
  • Other extra activities



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  • What is the security situation in southern Africa?


    WWhen planning your trip your safety is our highest priority. With our guided tours you can sit back comfortably and relax. we have chosen chosen our guides to make sure that you're safe while you enjoy your trip. If you are planning self guided trip, you will receive well crafted directions that will take you safely to your destination and  al of the important sights will be on your trip

    .A few rules that apply when traveling around the world will provide you also for your safety and your property. For example Do let nothing in your car when you park it, Do not wear valuable jewelry on trips and do not wear valuables or cameras when you browse through cities or markets

  • What is meant by desert and what kinds are there?

    Dry deserts do prevent due to their lack of water, the plant growth. At the
    Tropics at about 23, 5 degrees, there are so-called tropic deserts like the Sahara.

    The high-pressure areas there let the clouds dissolve and there is therefore no precipitate.

    These high-pressure areas are established by the intertropical convergence zone. Due to the strong sunlight warms the equatorial region particularly hard, so much water evaporates which prevents the precipitation.
    Descending air masses lead to the degradation of the clouds.
    The different types of desert we travelare: stone, gravel, salt and the sand desert.


    Stone or rock desert:

    Also known as Hammada is covered with dense nature of the blocky, angular fine rock or coarser rock material. These Hamada is the result of the physical

    Often, this rocky desert are coverde with boulders.Plateaus crossed that even with a well-developed havy duty off roaders barely passable. On our safari jeep, we usually travel on the old caravan routes, which is usually like in other forms of the desert

    Alamat acknowledges. Almat are small stone pyramids were usually placed on increases as route of the nomads and caravan leaders. Along the sandy desert, they are usually blown away, and man recognizes the old and new routes in camel carcasses, old tires and the car frame or other veralssenen those who "runs" line. A typical picture is dark colored and the smooth surface of the rocks of a desert rock, due to the smooth shiny surface it is also called desert varnish, results of flexibility accorded by the sun and the creeping permanent audit by the fine desert sand.

    Gravel desert:

    In the Western Sahara, they are called Reg, in the central Sahara, they are called Serir. Gravel deserts caused by erosion of stone or rock desert or by the
    Deposition of gravel where millions of years ago were still glacial. Another cause is a
    physical effect on the surface to collect more and more rocks, since the smaller pebbles or sand grains move down much easier. This process was developed in the desert for thousands of years, because provide moisture, wind and temperature differences for the movement of sand grains. When crossing through this gravel deserts you can still see the tracks after weeks of the knobby tires of motorcycles or the lanes of the SUVs and trucks Expeditions:

    Salt desert

    Chott el Jerid is probably the biggest and most famous salt lake Chott Tunesien.Der term is also used in Algeria and in the Eastern Sahara, the central salt desert, also known as Sebkha. Salt flats occur mostly in arid endorheic
    Sedimentary basins due to strong evaporation. In the Maghreb region of the layer is under-shaped ground conducive to formation of a dei Chotts which Duch promotes its consistency clay to seal the bottom surface. Very many of the deserts lie in the type
    Iran and Central Asia. Salt flats and salt-containing damp voallem deserts such as the Chott el Jerid, they are difficult if not impossible to impassable. Depending on the depth of the drying Sonneneinstarahlung the salt crust / upper class bedinkt passable. Often arise in wells of only a few Zentiumeter "swamp fields and ponds," weren which should in any case not drive through or walk through. The salt is formed mostly by down
    washed up debris from adjacent elevations / mountains, which often contain plenty of salt in endorheic depressions such as the Qattara Depression accumulates naturally as salt-enriched clay and Lehmflächen. This surface is called Salt Flat and Alkali Flats. After precipitation, which are mostly in the winter months, walked these salt lakes.


    The sandy deserts:

    The erg in the Western Sahara and in the Libyan Sahara is a desert is called the surface mainly consists of quartz sand. This is caused by soil erosion, sand a gravel desert. Due to the absolute dry conditions in the sandy deserts due to the lack of vegitation are much harder than stone or gravel deserts. Because of the fine grading of the sand deserts in the lower part of the carrying capacity is solidified, the surface is rather finely and due to the strong sunlight and fine dust-like sand of Einwehung less viable.
    In the northern Sahara dunes are found frequently occurring as longitudinal dunes or sickle.
    In libischen part of the Sahara will find the most beautiful crescent dunes below Seba and the longest sand dunes in Algeria with up to six hundred miles long.

    With the motorcycle and 4x4 suv in the solidified dunes levels passable, but difficult or impossible in up to three hundred feet high Mamutdünen how she finds in Algeria and Libya.

    The world's largest sand desert in Arabia, where we conduct the tours in Oman and the Rub al Khali Dubai. الربع الخالي ar-Rub ʿ al-Khali is the paradise for every off roader. The turning circle running through the desert of Oman, Yemen, and UAE.

  • DRINKING WATER: We want to make the safari with a child and want to know about the water quality in South Africa

    South Africa's drinking water is one of the world's best:

    South Africa's drinking water is among the world's best: South Africa is still one of the few countries in the world where water can be consumed directly from a majority of the line. This was announced by South African Minister of Water and Environment, Edna Molewa, on the occasion of the presentation of the "Blue Drop 2012" report in Cape Town. The "Blue Drop" Report is an annual nation-wide analysis of drinking water quality.

    For the current report 931 water supply systems were studied in 153 of 287 municipalities. The "blue state" for best water quality and safety of the water supply 98 municipalities have been awarded. The average value obtained is 87.6% of all municipalities.

    For travel / safaris with and without children, you do not need to worry!

    HOWEVER: Drink a lot while traveling, but not out of any pond;-)

    If you have any questions about nutrition you always can call the tour operator OVERCROSS or your travel agent.

  • The weekly markets of South Africa

    Hello, I'm cooking and have reuqested with you the Land Rover selfdrifetour.  I'm interested in all the subject of food and flea markets. Is there relevant markets on the tour from Johannesburg to Durban to Cape Town?

    With the global trend towards regional products in South Africa has developed a thriving market culture. Every Saturday, fill colorful organic and agricultural markets, the towns on the Cape and at present stands the sumptuous culinary diversity of the country. Whether exotic Marula fruit, juicy ostrich fillet or spicy hot curry - the variety of products offered can let any gourmet's heart beat faster. You'll be remembered on all the warm encounters with the stall holders who present their products with passion and make the market unique experience in South Africa.

    The classic of the South African market is a magnet for locals and international visitors alike. The The Old Biscuit Mill Market, whose history goes back until the 19th century, Every Saturday enjoyable enthusiastic people drawn to the historic halls of an old mill in Cape Town's Woodstock neighborhood. The stalls offer regional distributors and homemade products from organic farming - of freshly baked bread to the finest cheeses and meats, to locally produced beers.

    In contrast, South Africa's capital passes to visitors is no way at Pretoria Boeremark market. This now-legendary market was founded 20 years ago by the local farmer's association, and offers fresh organic produce mainly typical Cape Dutch specialties. Thus protected by the sweet scent of Koeksisters, Vetkoek Melkkos and the market stalls. Today the Pretoria Boeremark much more than just a place to buy fresh produce. For many residents of the city is to visit the market, including extensive breakfast, the start of a perfect weekend.

    The Garden Route is a short trip to the small town of Sedgefield, where shifts every Saturday from 08:00 to 11:30 clock city life on the Wild Oats Community Farmers' Market. The market is a treasure trove of products that exist only find here. Stores are offering farmers from the surrounding communities their locally manufactured goods. Then, the organizers of the market high value. Imported goods are nowhere.

    The highlight of the culinary calendar is the residents of Durban, on the last Saturday of each month in The Food Market in the Hellenic Community Center in the city. The market offers a full range of regional specialties, it has to offer the eastern province of South Africa. About 50 different levels to provide regionally-produced meat, sun-ripened fruit, spices, pastries, cheeses, olives, fresh juices and biltong.

    Market opened in September, the Neighbourgoods in Braamfontein. In the heart of Jo'burg, not far from the bustling district of Newtown, the market brings new life into the urban landscape. Over two floors fill delicate Buffalo mozzarella, homemade beer, cured meat, the finest chocolates and much more the former industrial buildings. For a little time out to visit the market, it goes on the roof of the house for a sundowner and an unforgettable view over the skyline of Johannesburg.

    Restaurants in South Africa is filling the page as the subject of meat and preparation that they get on the tour, mostly mediated by the guides.

  • Emergency telephone numbers for our destination South Africa

    Emergency telephone numbers for our destination South Africa

    Police emergency (SAPS) from a landline / payphone: 10111

    Emergency call from a mobile phone: 112

    Ambulance: 10177

    General emergency number: 107

    National Tourism Information: 083 123 6789

    Tour operator OVERCROSS South Africa: 081 408 9537 Robb Edgecomb

    Lock-Emergency Call for Germany (EC, credit cards): 0049 116 116



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