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Morocco - Motorcycle Tour


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Offroad Motorcycle Tour through Morocco


An outdoor and enduro motorbike tour in the footsteps of the alchemist in Morocco, relaxed and strenuous, adventurous and romantic, cold and hot all in one. Morocco knows how to draw travellers into the spell of the Orient. At the latest when the muezzin calls you to prayer in the morning and the warm African sun rises, you realise that Europe is far behind you. Snow-covered mountains over 4000 m high, cedar forests, green oases with date palms on the mountain rivers of the Atlas and the Sahara with picture-book dunes on your doorstep. A mixture that leaves no room for boredom for the enduro motorbike traveller. This motorbike or Enduro trip can be designed interactively, as we mainly stay overnight outdoors and no fixed hotel bookings are planned. Due to the rapidly developing infrastructure, there will always be stretches of road on this motorbike tour which we will drive along in a new way. For us it is important that this off-road Morocco tour includes adventure and not the plannable all-inclusive holiday experience.

This motorbike tour starts and ends in Marrakech where we pick you up from the airport. Afterwards, we load your motorbike from the transporter and set up our equipment in peace and quiet. We start the tour with a connecting stage on the road, which takes us to the warmer south, from where we will mainly be off-road. We set up our camps on wide plains and enjoy the fascinating landscape. On small tracks and bumpy roads, we ride our enduros through the impressive landscapes and get a deep insight into the fascinating adventure of Morocco.


Mit den Enduros auf dem lac iriki - einem ausgetrockneten Salzsee bei der Oasen Stadt Foum Zguid

With the Enduro on Lac Iriki

Motorbike Tour Day 1: Arrival in Marrakech

Depending on when your flight lands at Marrakech-Menara International Airport, we will pick you up in our support vehicle and take you to our camp. The first day is spent relaxing, getting to know each other, discussing the tour and preparing our equipment to start the next day on our first stage south.


Djemaa el Fna - Nachtaufnahme des Platz der Gehängten in Marrakech

Visit to the Djemaa el fna / the square of the hanged in Marrakech

Motorbike Tour Day 2: Marrakech - Taliouine

Today we head south and cross the High Atlas. The pass road, which unfortunately has been asphalted in the meantime, is a good start to get a feeling for the motorbike after the winter break. Once we arrive in Taliouine, we set up camp, cook together and look forward to tomorrow, when we hit the road!


Die Atlas Passstraße Tizin'test bei Asni in Marokko

Connecting stage over the Atlas Pass road Tizin'Test near Asni in Morocco

Motorbike Tour Day 3: Taliouine- Foum Zguid

On the way to the oasis town of Foum Zguid we cover our first off-road kilometres.


Versorgungsfahrzeug Landrover Defender und Motorräder auf der Offroad Piste im mittleren Atlas Gebirge in Marokko

Enduro and supply vehicle on the track in the Middle Atlas Mountains

Motorbike Tour Day 4: Foum Zguid - Circuit - Foum Zguid

We pass one of the military bases at the entrance to the track behind Foum Zguid. From here we start the run around the table mountain Jbel Wadi. Stony and sandy passages alternate until we are back in Foum Zguid in the afternoon.



Tafelberg Jbel Wadi und Offroad Piste bei Foum Zguid in Marokko

The circuit around the Jbel Wadi table mountain leads over an easy gravel and scree track.

Motorbike Tour Day 5: Foum Zguid - Erg Chegaga

Early in the morning, we pass the military base and drive towards the dried-up time lake Lac Iriki. We drive over a wide variety of terrain, alternating between hard, stony tracks and wide, flat plains at Lac Iriki. A few small dune fields await us a little later at the large dune area of Erg Chegaga, where we will set up camp for the night.  


Enduros vor dem Wüstencafe auf dem ausgetrockneten Salzsee nahe dem Wüstenstreifen Erg Chigaga in Marokko
Enduros in front of the desert cafe on Lac Iriki naha the desert strip Erg Chigaga


Zelte und Motorräder in einem WIldcamp vor der Oasenstadt Mhamid

Enduros and our supply vehicle in our wild camp just before the oasis town of Mhamid

Motorbike trip Day 6: Erg Chegaga - Mhamid - Zagora

Today, our route leads us via Mhamid to the oasis town of Zagora, which with its 40,000 inhabitants is much larger than Foum Zguid. Before Mhamid, however, we have to fight our way through a 10 km long dune field on our motorbikes, which will take us one or three hours, depending on the group dynamics. After a cup of tea and a short break for the motorbikes, we continue on the road to Zagora.


Motorräder und das Versorgungsfahrzeug Landrover Defender in den Sanddünen vor der Oasenstadt Mhamid

Enduros in the dunes outside the oasis town of Mhamid in Morocco

Motorbike Tour Day 7 & 8: Zagora - Erg Chebbi

From Zagora, after a few kilometres of road, we head back into the outback. For the off-road track to Erg Chebbi, Morocco's second large dune area, we need two days and spend the night at a suitable spot on the way. The terrain can be very demanding on the way and so you and your motorbike are put to the test once again. Deep sand tracks, wide plains and hard stone passages leave nothing to be desired, and when you finally arrive at Erg Chebbi, you have really earned a swim in the pool of our desert camp.


Landrover Defender Support Fahrzeug und Kamel auf der Motorradreise durch den Süden MarokkosZebra support vehicle meets camels near the desert village of Ramlia


Motorräder auf der Sandpiste zwischen Zagora und Ramlia in Marokko

Motorbikes on the sandy track between Zagora and Ramlia

Motorbike Tour Day 9: Erg Chebbi - Circuit - Erg Chebbi

Today is at your leisure. If you have not yet had enough of driving, you can join us on the circuit around the nearby Jbel Bega, which is close to the Algerian border, go on a dune hike, visit the town of Merzouga or spend the day in camp and enjoy the view of the dunes.


Das Dünenpanorama des großen Wüstenstreifens Erg Chebbi nahe der Oasenstadt Merzouga

Dune panorama of the Erg Chebbi desert strip near the oasis town of Merzouga

Motorbike trip Day 10: Erg Chebbi - Alnif - Tinghir 

We leave the Erg and say goodbye to the impressive sea of dunes. Today we drive on asphalt to the town of Alnif from where a beautiful off-road connection leads to Tinghir. From there we have the perfect entrance to the two famous gorges the next day.

Offroad Pass Straße nahe Alnif im Atlas Gebirge Marokkos

Off-road pass road near Alnif in the Atlas Mountains in Morocco

Motorcycle trip Day 11: Tinghir - Boumalne Dadès

From Tinghir, today's stage leads us first through the asphalted Toughda Gorge and then, depending on weather conditions and energy reserves, over the 2990m high Aghoudal Pass or over the somewhat lower cross connection into the Dadès Gorge. Both connections are unpaved roads and provide the necessary off-road variety on this day. 


Supportfahrzeug und Enduros auf dem Agoudhal Pass zwischen Tinghir und Boumalne Dades

On the Agoudhal Pass between Tinghir and Boumalne Dades there may be snow in places

Motorbike trip day 12: Boumalne Dades - Nekob circuit - N'kob

As the connecting pass from Boumalne Dades to Nekob has already been asphalted, we have planned a circular route for this day, starting and ending in N'kob, so that we don't miss out on the off-road technical aspects today. We drive past bizarre rock formations through the Jbel Sarhro area. Towards late afternoon we drive back to N'Kob where we spend the night in a nomad camp.


Schroffes Felsen Panorama rund um die Stadt Nkob am Jbel Sahro

Rugged rocky panorama on the off-road circuit around Jbel Sahro 

Motorbike Tour Day 13: N'Kob - Ouarzazate

From Nekob, we take a new road to the town of Ouarzazate, known as the location of many films. Depending on when we arrive, it is possible to visit the film studios where films such as Gladiator, The Mummy or Kingdom of Heaven were shot.


Vollmond unter Palmen in Ouarzazate

Full moon under palm trees in the oasis town of Ouarzazate

Motorbike Tour Day 14: Ouarzazate - Marrakech

Unfortunately, today we have already reached the last day of our Enduro motorbike tour. However, one last highlight is still on the programme, the fortified town of Aït-Ben-Haddou, which is a UNESCO World Heritage Site and has been used as a film set for over 20 Hollywood productions. After a short tour of the village, we drive over a pass back to Marrakech and, once back at camp, toast to the past adventure. We strap the motorbikes back onto the trailer because the next day we have to say goodbye to Morocco.


Die historische Stadt und Filmkulisse zahlreicher Hollywood Produktionen Aït-Ben-Haddou

The historic town of Ait-ben-Haddou was the setting for many Hollywood productions

Motorbike Tour Day 15: Marrakech - Journey Home

After a last breakfast together, we say goodbye and take you to the airport in the escort vehicle.