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TUNISIA Pure Off-Road Vehicle


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Tunisia is pure off-road paradise for adventurers. A holiday with the focus on "freedom as long as the horizon lasts".

Tunisia, also called the "Switzerland of North Africa", is a country where mass tourism is concentrated in the hotel castles on the Mediterranean coast. The adventure, of course, is in the seemingly endless and difficult-to-access region of the Sahara. Only a fifth of the country's population lives in the interior of Tunisia, which is immeasurably beautiful with its sights from a bygone era and breathtaking nature in the open, wild desert.

Welcome to our off-road journey between civilisation and the endless Sahara!

Arrival day 1 & 2: Overcross Tübingen - Lago di Como - Genoa - Tunis

  1. Meeting point for the start of the off-road vehicle trip to Tunisia:
    We start our trip on Friday in Tübingen at 12 past 12, where the first participants can join us with their off-road vehicles. On the way to Genoa we stay overnight at Lake Como, in the evening we have the best pizza at the lake and a short tour briefing for the next day.
  2. Meeting point for the start of the off-road vehicle tour to Tunisia:
    On Saturday we start at ten past ten from Como in the direction of Genoa, all participants have received an information folder before the start of the tour with the exact meeting point in the port of Genoa, where we will meet at 13:13.
    Here in the port of Genoa is the official start of the off-road vehicle tour "Off Road pur, auf den Spuren am Rand der Sahara" where we will meet with all participants at 13:13h.
    We have prepared all the entry and customs forms including the ferry tickets and first class 4 berth cabin for the off-road vehicle tour group and will hand these out to each participant before boarding the ferry to Africa.
    We use the waiting time at the quay of the ferry port mostly to marvel at the other off-road vehicles and the sometimes two-metre-high loaded cars of the Tunisian guest workers who have skilfully and adventurously lashed their belongings to the bonnet, roof and boot. At around 15:00 the vehicles are loaded onto the ferry according to Tunisian time. Tunisian time means that in 20 years of off-road travel to Tunisia we have never experienced the ferry leaving on time.
    After the vehicles are stowed in the ferry, the participants move into their cabins. After setting off towards the African continent, we meet for dinner and discuss tomorrow and the itinerary.


Day 1: Tunis - Hammamet

Arriving in Tunis, we disembark from the ferry and complete the entry formalities for us and the vehicles as quickly as possible. We then drive to our first hotel on the tour and take a refreshing swim in the Gulf of Hammamet before heading south the next day.


Geländewagen fahren über unbefestigte Wege

Welcome to Tunisia


Day 2: Hammamet - Gafsa

In order to make distance so that we can quickly get to the south, which is more varied in terms of landscape and riding, most of today's stage will take place on paved roads. We drive to the town of Gafsa from where we have a good starting point to get the first sand under our wheels tomorrow.


Land Rover neben der Straße durch das Chott el Djerid  

Heading south in an off-road vehicle 


Day 3: Gafsa - Tozeur

Today we drive partly off-road via a small diversions to the city of Tozeur. We take the so-called Rommel road near the Algerian border over the dry Chot El Rahim until we arrive at our camp in Tozeur. 

man kat wohnmobil zwischen Dünen

Sand as far as the eye can see


Day 4: Tozeur - Nefta (Wild Camp)

Today we drive a small circuit around Tozeur over the first sandy tracks and dunes. Our destination is one of the filming locations of the Star Wars films, where we set up our first wild camp nearby. We cook together and enjoy the evening between the dunes in the middle of the Sahara. At the evening campfire, we review the day's off-road experience and the driving techniques we have learned.


Geländewagen Camp Wagenburg in der Sahara

4x4 wagon castle between the dunes


Day 5: Nefta - Douz

In the morning, after a hearty breakfast, we clear our wild camp between the dunes and drive towards the oasis town of Douz, also known as the gateway to the Sahara. The crossing of the Chott el-Jérid takes place on the causeway - this is the largest salt lake area in the Sahara. In the 14th century, over 1000 camels of a caravan disappeared here. In Douz we stock up on supplies and have time for a last check before the desert. We end the evening by the fire before we head into the desert the next day with the off-road vehicles.


Gemeinsames Abendessen am Lagerfeuer auf der Geländewagenreise durch Tunesien  

Evenings together around the campfire - pure adventure



Days 6 - 9: Douz - Tembaine - Lac Houidhat - Ksar Ghilane

Today we dive into the vastness of the Sahara and will be self-sufficient for the next 4 days. We drive to the southernmost point of the journey, the so-called "lost lake" (Lac Houdat), where we allow ourselves some rest before continuing to the oasis of Ksar Ghilane.   


Mit dem Land Rover Defender offroad in der Sahara

Sand dunes as far as the eye can see - With 4x4 power through the Sahara



Day 10: Ksar Ghilane

Today we take it easy, whoever wants to can do a dune hike, bathe in the warm spring of the oasis or whoever hasn't had enough can drive with us and the off-road vehicles over the dunes to the old Roman fort to enjoy the romance of the sunset over the Sahara.



 Aufbau des Camps während eines Sandsturms bei Sonnenuntergang
Sandstorm at sunset around the oasis Ksar Ghilane


Day 11: Ksar Ghilane - Sfax - Kerkennah

Out of the desert and back to civilisation. Today, unfortunately, we say goodbye to the sand and the vastness of the desert and drive to Sfax. From here, a small ferry takes us to the island of Kerkennah where we spend the night simply wild on the coast. We make a fire, enjoy the BBQ and reflect on the last few days.


Camping in der Wagenburg zwischen den Dünen
Wild Camp in the Sahara


Day 12: Sfax - Hammamet

The rest of the way we drive by road to Hammamet to our hotel, from where we will start tomorrow for the ferry to Tunis.


Geländewägen fahren Richtung Sonnenuntergang
Back to Hammamet


Day 13:  Hammamet - Tunis 

On the last kilometres to the ferry that will take us back to Genoa, we say goodbye to the charming and diverse Tunisia. 


Mit dem Zebra Defender nach der Corona Krise on Tour in Afrika
Until the next adventure

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