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Morocco Family & Friends Tour


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Finally, no more boring family holidays!

We'll send you to the Moroccan desert with your whole family, and if you want to come alone, that's no problem either - you just have to like the rascals. The Moroccan landscape knows how to captivate travellers. When the muezzin calls you to prayer in the morning and the warm African sun rises in Morocco, you realise how far Europe lies behind you. Exciting for all our grown-ups and little ones at the same time. The mountain landscapes alternate from the Rif to the High Atlas to the dunes of the Erg Chebbi - a mixture that never lets you get bored. A Morocco 4x4 off-road adventure with expedition character for big and small children who enjoy discovering, camping and experiencing the North African Sahara. On our 4x4 off-road trip with the family, a certain amount of individualism is welcome. Fun and relaxed adventure should be preferred to a fixed schedule on this holiday, because we are on holiday! The exact route can easily be changed on the way, because we are off-road in Morocco. Hop on board and experience the adventurous nature experience with us!


An off-road vehicle trip for young and old through Morocco - Click here for the photo album of the last Family & Friends Offroad Tour


From Europe to the Moroccan desert

We start the tour after arriving at the ferry port Tanger Med north-east of Tangier, after the ferry has brought us safely from mainland Europe to Africa. As soon as we have Moroccan soil under our feet, we head into lonely natural landscapes. On crumbling mini-roads and lonely tracks we head south. Woken by the sun, we crawl out of our sleeping bags. The children explore the area and the grown-ups enjoy their first coffee in the picturesque landscape. We will visit Berber families, marvel at active mines and go swimming in river springs. Morocco offers us endless possibilities on our 4x4 off-road vehicle trip with the whole family.


Marokko 4x4 Family & Friends Tour

 4x4 Family & Friends Tour | Morocco 



Our 4x4 off-road vehicle journey takes us deeper and deeper into the interior of the country

There are places where you wake up and you're really not sure if it's a beautiful dream or reality. On our 4x4 off-road vehicle Family & Friends Tour through Morocco, we will stop at a fantastically beautiful canyon and get to know the surrounding area. This also includes a bat cave, which will not only thrill our children. We trot through a wide river bed, overcome the water masses and dive into an enormous sea of palm trees. Culture, landscape and traditional food are also emphasised on our 4x4 Morocco tour. The children will get plenty of time to explore the surrounding area, build dams or look for scorpions. We visit quaint souks and look at rustic fossil rock production sites. We learn where and under what conditions fossils are mined in Morocco on a short tour through the stone desert. We drive from mine to mine and also go underground. After about a week we reach the huge sea of dunes Erg Chebbi. At the foot of the enormous natural spectacle, we will spend the night in Berber tents and let ourselves be drummed to sleep.

Das große Dünenmeer Erg Chebbi in Marokko

The Great Sea of Dunes Erg Chebbi in Morocco


Riding camels into the setting sun

We have enough air on our 4x4 Morocco trip not to have to pack up our tents once or twice. The big ones are allowed to dig in the sand and the small ones watch the spectacle from the dunes. On camels we slowly trot along the dune crest in the evening light and enjoy the silence. We experience the sunset with a traditional meal and fall asleep in the middle of the sea of dunes. Packed with adventurous experiences, we continue towards the Atlas Mountains. Civilisation has us back and welcomes us with the famous Todra and Dades Gorge. We drive through huge rocks in our 4x4 off-road vehicles and have enough time to stop every now and then to capture these beautiful memories with our cameras.


Morocco, a country with endless possibilities

We can plan our drive back north individually and there are many options available to us. Our 4x4 off-road vehicle trip through Morocco takes us through the Atlas Mountains with its incredible landscape and some beautiful mountain lakes. Depending on the weather and the condition of the slopes, we will drive the cross-country track in one of the neighbouring gorges or opt for a pass drive that will take us to idyllic mountain lakes. Our off-road vehicle tour takes us into the cedar forests and it is exciting to observe how northern Morocco is becoming noticeably greener. Surrounded by the lush green of the forests, we set up camp at the monkey lake. Here our kids have plenty of space to run around and let off steam. If we are lucky, we may see monkeys doing the same. Depending on the priority you give to Morocco's big cities, we can either plunge into the hubbub or stay far away from it. If you decide against Meknès or Fès, it's back to the cedar forests. There we can go swimming in springs or visit a waterfall with a freshly squeezed orange juice in hand.


Offroad durch das Atlasgebirge

Off-road trip through the Atlas Mountains | Morocco


From the North of Morocco back to Spain

Our tour is coming to an end. We are drawn further into the north-east of the country through a large national park full of cork oaks. The small winding roads wind their way through a fantastic landscape, which is again in complete contrast to the south of the country. Like the desert and the Atlas Mountains, the sea is also part of Morocco. Before our ferry leaves Nador in the evening, we don't miss the opportunity to take another detour to the coast. Lost in thought, we drive along the picturesque coastal road and slowly say goodbye to Morocco. We take the night ferry from Nador back to the European mainland or return to the ferry port of Tanger Med, where we can take the ferry to Genoa or Savona.


Erlebnisurlaub für die ganze Familie

Adventure holiday for the whole family


Tip: With children, we recommend booking the ferry from Genoa as well.


Note on the tour dates: The start and end of the tour are based on the ferry times of the shipping company. As experience shows that these are only announced in February, there may be slight changes to the dates. Please take this into account when planning your holiday.

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