Motorcycletours - - October 2022

From Marrakesh to Dakar - Motorcycle expedition through Morocco, Mauritania and Senegal

Duration: 16 Tour days
Price: $4,986
participants: from 6 to 12
Level: for true adventurers


Motorcycle expedition through Morocco, Mauritania and Senegal

From Marrakech to Dakar is the alternative trip to the historic course of the legendary Paris-Dakar Rally and a sensational highlight for all those who only have 16 days time. The off-road vehicles will arrive earlier via the Paris Malaga liaison stage. Your motorcycle / all-terrain vehicle or our rental motorcycle will be waiting in Marrakesh together with the participants of the Paris-Dakar Tour. The off- and onroad stages we have chosen run on large sections along the original route of the Paris-Dakar Rally south to Lac Rose in Dakar. We won't measure any times since this is not an actual rally. However we follow the historical route to our destination in Senegal. When selecting the route we paid attention to the safety situation on site, so we won't be able to cover the entire route. This expedition from Marrakech to Dakar should give you the opportunity to drive parts of this fantastic route to get a feeling for the on and off road landscapes, just as the heroes of the past did under the most adverse circumstances.

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