Honduras - Trekking Adventure in Mosquitia

October 25, 2007

Join us for a unique combination of nature, adventure and wonderful Caribbean beaches. This region contains lagoons, mangrove swamps, coconut palms, coral reefs, undeveloped pristine beaches, savannas, waterfalls, and rushing rivers. It holds the largest remaining intact tropical rainforest in Central America. Covering the eastern coast of Honduras and Nicaragua this area alone covers more than 32,500 square miles of diverse habitats, indigenous people, fascinating flora and fauna, and awaiting discoveries. These places along the coast and lagoons serve as crucial habitat for several rare species of animals including the green sea turtle and the West Indian manatee. To the interior pine forest and prairies provide a striking contrast to vast expanses of tropical rainforest. These inland habitats provide refuge for other species of rare and special animals including: jaguars, howler monkeys, tapirs, giant anteaters, American crocodiles, and a host of others. La Mosquitia is a rich tapestry of environmental diversity. The region is home to the Miskito, Pesch and Tawahka Indians, the only native indigenous tribes with a long history.

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